Giving landlords financial security

Our capital city is one of the single most desirable places in the world to be, with the level of demand for living and working space being comparable only to other major cities such as New York and Paris. Demand for property in the city will always exceed supply, meaning that if you choose to invest in a London property, you have the potential to make excellent profits.

This does not, however, mean that making a profit is a straightforward process. It is essential that you, as an investor, have the best support in place to manage your premises for you and ensure that you get the maximum financial returns possible. We are proud to have the name and reputation for being the very best in doing this in London. For over a decade we have been the name trusted by both professional property investors and the local authorities across the London Boroughs, delivering world class property management and guaranteed rent in Harrow, Bromley, Newham and all other London boroughs.

Owning property in London and letting it out for rent has always been a lucrative business. The number of people in London who live in rented rather than owned homes has always been in excess of 50% of the capital’s population. Property investments are increasingly seen as a means to ensure long term, sustainable financial returns, in particular through “Buy To Let” purchases. We offer outstanding rates of guaranteed rent in Harrow and all other areas of the capital, complementing our schemes with comprehensive property management services. We work to both ensure you get the greatest possible return on your investment and to ensure that the value of your property is maintained and upheld.

Every element of property management is covered when you are taking part in our guaranteed rent schemes, from maintenance and repairs through to ensuring that utilities and other billing requirements are addressed correctly. We believe in delivering a service that gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefits and financial rewards of being a property owner without it tying up your time and resources. Our expert staff have a proven track record and can handle any situation professionally and rapidly.