Lambeth is a top location for first time buyers

Finefair provides great services across London, serving every single part of the capital. We can offer lots of support to investors, including arranging the best estate management Lambeth has available. When clients trust us they can expect great results and have complete confidence their assets are in the right hands.

North or South

One of the biggest debates regarding the property market in London is whether to buy to the north or south of the Thames. For many years the north was the easy answer because it had better amenities and transport links. As a result it attracted lots of buyers.

Attitudes are changing though and more people are looking south. The main reason is prices here are more affordable than to the north. This means it is easier for first time buyers to get on the market and investors can make their money go further. To put that into perspective, at the end of 2018 the average house price in the south was 20% cheaper than the north, £558,823 compared to £669,916.

Areas in the south are also getting new transport links, particularly because of the expansion of the Bakerloo Line. In addition there are lots of new amenities, including community hubs and top restaurants.

Top Boroughs for first time buyers

Habito recently did an analysis of data from mortgage consultations and applications to find which Boroughs in London were the best for first time buyers. Incredibly only one of the top five areas was in the north. Tower Hamlets took the fourth spot behind Southwark, Lambeth and Lewisham. Wandsworth was fifth. Therefore four of the top five best areas are to the south of the Thames.

If you are thinking of investing, it is a good idea to look at what is on offer in South London. You could find the perfect area for you but at a much lower price tag. Finefair can help, offering our extensive knowledge of the capital. We also provide the most reliable estate management Lambeth has to offer if you buy here. With our services you get professional support at all times.

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