An ideal suburb for first-time buyers

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Many people choose to move out of the city for a suburban life. Those that relocate tend to have one important goal; find affordable rail fares and homes that won’t leave them in a tough financial situation.

Usually, first-time buyers have difficulties getting onto the property ladder in a big city. This is largely because of property prices soaring. By going to a suburban hotspot, these individuals can get more value for their money. Additionally, they can find fast commutes to the city.

One of the biggest suburban hotspots at the moment is Surbiton. It is becoming one of the most popular suburbs in Kingston Upon Thames as well as the whole of west London.

What can Surbiton offer?

This neighbourhood is an imposing Victorian suburb that has huge villas. Moreover, there are contemporary semis and Art Deco apartments. Maple road has a lovely blend of restaurants and independent cafes. On Victoria Road, there are an abundance of useful local shops. Due to Surbiton’s close proximity to the Thames, you can enjoy visiting several riverside pubs. There are also a few local boat clubs if they interest you.

The main area of Kingston upon Thames is just up the road. This includes the University. Because there are lots of students living nearby, the area has quite the buzz.


In terms of prices, post-war purpose-built flats go for around £400,000. For two-bedroom period flats, the price will be between £450,000 and £550,000. It’s possible to purchase a one-bedroom period flat for £350,000 too. You could also spend £200,000 on a slightly boxy purpose-built flat.

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