ITV is investing in Lambeth

Lambeth has grown to become one of most vibrant creative and cultural quarters in London. At Finefair we understand the impact this has had on the popularity of the area among buyers and renters. We can offer flexible services for investors in the area, including the very best estate management Lambeth has to offer. With our help, standards will exceed expectations.

One of the biggest news stories involving investment in Lambeth regards ITV. The commercial television network had been looking for sites for a new HQ in London for four years, exploring opportunities in 30 different areas. They have ultimately decided to remain on their current site and redevelop it. This means they will stay in the location they have called home for the last 45 years.

The redevelopment of ITV’s headquarters will bring all London employees under the same roof for the very first time. The plan is to create a 300,000 square metre building with new office and studio space for daytime shows. A new public square will be created too, adding a useful space to the cultural quarter.

One part of the new development will see the creation of a 104 metre tall residential building where an 88m tall office block currently sits. This new property will create homes in a very attractive part of Lambeth. They could prove to be fantastic investment opportunities.

Construction on the site is expected to begin in 2019 if the plans submitted are accepted by the local council. The proposals took a lot of work to develop and a large amount of feedback has been taken onboard to help shape them.

The continued investment in this culturally significant Borough is fantastic and will undoubtedly draw more people to the area. Investors looking for the best estate management Lambeth has to offer should choose to work with us. Finefair are just one call away and will personalise every single service. That way you get the best possible value.