A London village where people want to stay for generations

Blackheath is a quite a rare area, offering a real village feel with excellent transport links that connect people to Central London in around 20 minutes. The housing stock is varied, suiting every kind of buyer. Homes can range from one bedroom flats all the way to large Victorian and Edwardian mansions. The only shortage is new builds, with only one major development currently taking place in the area.

Some of the most interesting and attractive homes in the area are known as span housing. These were very popular in the 1960s and have some very notable characteristics. For example they are built around large, landscapes communal gardens and tend to be car free. This creates a great sense of community and social living. The idea behind the designs of the homes was to make them as easy to live in as possible.

One of the things that really make Blackheath stand out is the staying power. Families tend to stay in the area for generations and hold on to properties. This has helped to keep prices stable in recent years when other areas have seen fluctuations. The Victorian mansions are the properties least likely to become available; just one in five has changed hands over the last twenty years.

If you are looking for investment properties Lewisham may have attracted you for the fantastic location and prices. Blackheath is definitely worth looking at if you want stability and demand from renters. The latter comes because the area is home to good schools, the aforementioned great transport links, 200 plus acres of protected commons and open spaces, traditional pubs and wonderful restaurants.

Finefair can help buyers looking to invest in Lewisham. We have a lot of knowledge of the Borough and can help people to choose the right locations. If you are looking for stable prices and good opportunities for long term rental income, Blackheath is a good proposition.

Please contact us to find out more about our services, or if you have any questions about the investment process. We will help you however we can, whether it is with searching, providing information, or offering lettings and management. When it comes to finding and securing investment properties Lewisham has no better team to work with than us.