Islington’s newest homes

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This part of Islington is prominent for being an ungentrified area. It is in the borough’s hinterland of Victorian garden squares and Georgian terraces. The car choked Great North Road set the tone of this locale. However, change is coming. An up to date hub is taking shape around Archway Tube station. Here, a once unattractive 60s office tower was revamped and transformed into Vantage. This is a block of compact rental flats.

Something else happened in Archway as well. An island site that was unreachable due to the traffic swirl opened up thanks to a road reconfiguration. This will make the lives of cyclists and pedestrians much easier. There is also a development to what was once an uninviting and scruffy patch underneath the notable bridge that the area got its name from.

Richardson Mews apartments

Here you can find 25 apartments behind a refurbished Victorian red brick facade. The property is set back from the primary road and smooth new shopfronts buffer it. In addition, there is the slope from Archway Road that goes to the local Highgate Village. This used to be one of the capital’s toll roads. It was also the route of Europe’s initial motorised cable car. These days, it is a mere 10 minute walk to Highgate’s magnificent woodlands and the village.

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