Islington A Popular Area For Raising Families

When the subject of conversation turns to the large demand for residential property in London thoughts are normally drawn to those who work in the city and are looking for living space. Whilst this particular group are undeniably one of the major contributing forces to the growing demand for housing, it should not be assumed that they are alone in this regard. In many cases one of the factors pushing up the level is people looking for the most ideal place to live with and bring up their families. Islington is one area where this is the case.

Although the Borough is a popular commuter belt area and home to many professionals, the biggest point of attraction is that of what the area offers to families. A recent report revealed that Islington is one of the best primary school level education suppliers in the country, with environmental features such as Highbury Fields providing a wonderful place to grow up.

We’ve always known and understood that Islington provides points of attraction for all who want or need to live in London. It is no surprise to us to see that the levels of demand for property appear to perpetually be higher that the supply. Our services, in particular council leasing and guaranteed rent, work in a way that allow property owners to take advantage of the situation whilst enabling the authorities to deliver on residential requirements.

Those of you who own property in the area will be looking for the best means available to maximise the level of returns gained from it. This, in the present market, rarely comes from selling. Our complete range of services for landlords in Islington enables you to access the yield you want. With us you know that our guaranteed rent agreements are delivering to you the fixed financial returns you want, and have the confidence of knowing that our checks and maintenance system always means that the value of your property is preserved.