Demand For Property Exists In All Areas Of London

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is one which, if we’re all completely honest about it, is associated with the more wealthy members of society. To have an address there is usually a hallmark of a very successful business person or sports professional. It is not, in this regard, a part of London that one would usually associate with a need for social housing or council intervention in respect of securing homes for people.

Whilst it is true that the requirements for residential properties by the authorities of Kensington and Chelsea is not as high or as pronounced as the case is in other areas of London, it all the same remains an issue which exists. For a variety of reasons – all of them always valid and carefully verified – there are those who do need to live within this Borough, but need the assistance of society to do so. On average, over the course of the last five years some 500 homes per year have been let via the Housing Register.

We are proud to have been a significant part of meeting this requirement. As the preferred supplier of services to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea we have been of assistance with our council leasing agreements. We represent and manage a diverse range of portfolios for our clients, offering them the exact service they require in order to enjoy maximised returns on their property investment. In several cases, the best way to achieve this has been through entering into a guaranteed rent agreement with us, allowing us to negotiate preferable council leasing terms.

Increasing levels of demand for living space in London means that no area of the capital city is left unaffected. We know that it will come as a surprise that there is a need for council intervention to help those who need to live in an area such as Kensington and Chelsea. It happens to be true. Our team take pride in being of assistance in this respect, in particular as we do so in a way that maximises the returns on our clients’ investments.