Is your main bathroom costing you money?

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Downstairs bathrooms

In period properties, especially those from the Victorian era, and some pre-war homes, the family bathroom is downstairs. This was the standard because it was easier to transport water, plumb in and meant no problems with water pressure.

While some owners have modernised and moved the bathroom upstairs, others have left it where it was originally. Sadly new research shows that this can knock around 6% off the value of the property. As a result the owners could lose out on an average of £13,580.

In addition to reducing the value, a downstairs bathroom could put buyers off a home altogether. The research says that 44% of adults across the UK would not buy a home like this. In London the percentage is even higher at 57%.

More space downstairs

There are several reasons why people prefer having a bathroom upstairs, including the increase in privacy. Most importantly though is the fact that it can free up more living space on the ground floor. This is one of the main things buyers are looking for.

A downstairs bathroom could transform into all kinds of new living space. For example the owner may choose to remove walls to extend the kitchen, dining or living rooms. Alternatively they may choose to create a separate utility room, a home office, or a playroom.

If you do decide to make changes to your property ensure you get the right permissions. Firstly you need to notify the local authority. In addition you must comply with building regulations and maximise safety.

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