New ideas for the St. Ann’s development

Across London and the rest of the UK the NHS owns a number of sites that are perfect for redevelopment. Over time the needs of areas changes and some facilities fall out of use. These sites are perfect for transforming into new developments, including both housing and commercial ones.

In Haringey the St. Ann’s hospital site is one of these. Two thirds of it has been earmarked for redevelopment. Since the news of the site being made available was released there has been a lot of discussion about what will become of it. There are a number of opportunities available, each of which could provide different benefits to the area and the Borough as a whole.

The thing that makes this site special though is the involvement of redevelopment trust Start Haringey. They have issued their own proposal for the site, putting forth ideas that are genuinely focused on the community. They held consultations with locals to see what they would like to see on the site and incorporated them into their proposal.

The Start Haringey plan is to build affordable housing on the site, meet the needs for accessible green public spaces, and consider the health of those who would call the area home. This would be in line with the NHS services that will still run from the other third of the site.

The plan is very interesting and has received a lot of backing. It is particularly favoured considering an original idea for the site was to build new homes but only 14% would have been classified as affordable.

At Finefair we are always interested in seeing redevelopment projects because they offer the potential for new homes and a boon for the property market in the area. It is always fantastic when they are focused on benefitting the community too.

We are happy to provide a wide range of services to property seekers across Haringey, whether they are landlords or owner occupiers. For the former we can provide everything from block management to arranging professional maintenance. We are highly experienced and tailor the service to suit each client.