Easing The Pressure On Harrow Investment Property Owners

We know that there’s nothing new in the way we start off this article, but it is worth stating again – at present the demand for residential property in London is far higher than the apparent supply. It’s with good reason that we refer to the present supply as “apparent”, as there are a number of empty properties which are not being used. Although we always hold absolute respect for the wishes of property owners, in the eyes of a growing number of people there’s a compelling case to start the legal process of forcing properties to be made available for rent. Our services are designed to provide a mutually beneficial solution which avoids that scenario.

Ultimately it’s the case that property owners want to access fair and profitable returns from their investment. Whilst we think it’s fair to say that most, if not all, are aware of the demand for residential space in London, the idea that owners should be in some way forced to allow their property to be used to meet this is highly debatable. One of our flagship services enables owners to make their property available in a manner that enables access to significant yield.

Whilst we work across all of the London Boroughs, what we mean by the above would perhaps best be illustrated with a specific example. At present our services in respect of council leasing in Harrow is giving continued success to property owners. This is an area of London which experiences particularly high levels of demand for living space – something that has put the authorities under pressure. Our work enables owners to release their property for use by the authorities, always with the assurance of both comprehensive property maintenance and a fixed yield being in place.

Gaining an appropriate yield from your property investment is not a matter which should be sought at any cost. By using us to engage in council leasing, whether in Harrow or another of the London Boroughs, you have the confidence of knowing your investment is being looked after by property management experts, and that the most appropriate fixed rate yield is being achieved.