Make us your ideal tenant

For any investor, the ideal scenario is to make a substantial level of returns from a minimal use of time and resources, but it is a situation that few are able to reach. As a professional lettings agent in Kensington and Chelsea, we can take you as close as possible to achieving this goal with our guaranteed rent service.

London is still experiencing record-breaking high levels of demand for living space. The attraction of the city is going from strength to strength. There has been a significant increase in the number of businesses wanting to have a presence in the city, as London is now regarded as one of the financial capitals of the world. More businesses being based in London means more jobs are being created, and this means there is an increase in the number of workers needing somewhere to live. Rising demand is driving rental prices higher and higher, which means that property owners can attract a very impressive yield from their investment.

Although there is plenty of potential for profit, there is a vast difference between being a property owner and being able to manage the property. Being a landlord brings immense responsibility and obligations, many of them time consuming and resource draining in nature. Despite the high level of potential financial rewards, many property owners are in a position where they would in fact lose money by attempting to manage their property themselves. In instances like this, our services become all the more beneficial.

When you appoint us to deliver guaranteed rent to you, we essentially become your tenant. In this regard, we are the best tenant any property owner could have. We make sure that you receive the agreed rent on time every month, whether the property is occupied or not. We also carry out regular and thorough inspection and maintenance work, ensuring that the property is always kept in the pristine condition it was when you entered into an agreement with us.

As you can see, the way we approach the London property market is focused on ensuring you get the highest rate of return possible from the most minimal level of input and resources. We are the leading name for ensuring you can make the highest possible level of guaranteed rent from your investment property.