Deciding between lettings and sales

As we rapidly approach the end of 2015 and the beginning of a brand new year, there is a general consensus that property prices will continue to rise across London, increasing by an average of 5% over the course of the year. While this is slightly below an expected national average of just under 6%, it remains a significant level of return. The main driving factor for the projected increase is the demand for property in London far exceeding the current supply levels.

While rising property value means that profit is possible, achieving the best rate of return from investment requires expert insights and knowledge. Simply owning property in the city is not enough to ensure that it delivers a significant yield. We’re here to make sure that it does with our professional property and estate management in Kingston Upon Thames and the rest of the capital.

The most important decision for any property investor is what form of return are they are looking for. With the projected 5% increase in mind, it is essential for investors to determine whether they want the short term benefit of sale or the long term revenue stream offered by leasing. Whether you have already determined which approach is the most beneficial for you, or you need professional guidance, we are here to help.

We are presently well into our second decade of service to the London property market. In this time we have seen remarkable growth, and through our services investors have experienced exceptional returns on their investment portfolios. With our help, investors have been able to buy and sell property at pricing which exceeded their expectations. Due to our relationship with the authorities of the London Boroughs, we are considered to be the foremost name for financial success through guaranteed rent and council leasing.

The 2016 London property market looks set to build on the success experienced in 2015. If you want to be in the most successful position possible, simply get in touch with us to find out more about our expert services.