How to change opinions on overlooked areas

Finefair is a talented team ready to deliver the best service for every investor. We work with a myriad of different properties, including those in overlooked areas. Our aim is to give clients the chance to make a healthy return. We can do this by offering the most reliable council leasing Ealing has available.

Land shortages continue to put pressure on housing supply. The strain is the heaviest in local centres as well as close to transport hubs. These areas tend to be very urban, leaving little room to work with. The sites that are available may be overlooked because of the size, access issues, and potential planning concerns. The sites do have some value though, especially with good design.

Can empty retail spaces offer an opportunity?

Across the UK conditions on high streets are very tricky. Countless shops stand empty and struggle to find new tenants. Although this is a bad situation it could offer some interesting opportunities for redevelopment. A number of these properties could be transformed into mixed-use properties, creating new homes whilst also retaining the retail spaces.

This kind of development can present a number of challenges but again good design is the solution. The toughest aspect is ensuring the homes on upper floors are efficient, comfortable, and meet the needs of tenants. At the same time there should be no disruption to the commercial activity.

There are already several great examples of mixed-use developments across London. Ealing Filmworks will be one of the most interesting. When the project is complete there will be a new cinema, two commercial units, and 209 new homes on the site. The location is central, somewhere people want to live.

At Finefair we understand how hard investors work to find the right opportunities. We strive to support them, offering a number of solutions including the best council leasing Ealing landlords can ask for. Contact us today if you would like to find out more about why this is such a popular option.