Enfield Council focused on housing fraud

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Many councils across London are struggling to provide enough housing for people in need. There are a number of different schemes in the works to increase supplies, including building more homes wherever possible and also ensuring that tenancies are legal.

Enfield Council has been working particularly hard to tackle housing fraud. In 2017/2018 investigations revealed that a number of properties were occupied fraudulently. The local authority stepped in, recovering 59 of these homes. A number of additional cases are ongoing.

Who are they targeting?

The local authority in Enfield is looking at people who gain a council home by deception as well as those tenants who illegally sublet. The aim is to take these homes back, ensuring that tenancies are only for local residents who really need help. This therefore ensures that unscrupulous people are not profiting from these properties.

How does the council benefit?

Cutting housing fraud can provide a myriad of benefits. Firstly, it can reduce the housing waiting list in the area by increasing supply. Secondly, it reduces the amount of money the local authority needs to spend on temporary accommodation for locals. In the 17/18 year the total savings were an incredible £850,000. In addition, the crackdown shows the council is willing to punish offenders. Those found guilty can face jail time.

Enfield Council is encouraging locals to help them tackle this kind of fraud. Anybody in the Borough can confidentially report their concerns and details to the local authority.

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