Hillingdon Council has built a great reputation for their leasing services

In the past we have written a number of articles about the benefits landlords can enjoy by choosing council leasing. In Hillingdon the list is even longer than normal because of the great work the local authority does. They have managed over 10,000 properties and are amongst the most experienced Councils as a result.

One thing that makes Hillingdon stand out in particular for council leasing is the fact that they tailor services to suit each landlord. There is a choice of schemes on offer, ranging in duration from the short to the long term. All rent is paid directly on a set schedule for the whole length of the agreement and there are many other incentives to take advantage of.

One thing many landlords worry about with council leasing is that their property won’t be managed to the very highest standards. This is not true and the authority will take full responsibility for it. To retain the condition they will do regular checks and take care of maintenance needs.

On top of the above Hillingdon Council offers vacant possession on all properties. This means that landlords don’t need to provide contents and never have to worry about tenants leaving anything behind. All properties should be returned in the same condition in which they were originally let in, minus acceptable levels of wear and tear.

At Finefair we are always impressed with the great work that local councils in London do in terms of their leasing services. Hillingdon really stands out and we are incredibly proud to promote the service they offer. We work in partnership with them to help reach out to landlords and advise them about the opportunities offered by council leasing.

If you would like any additional information you can look on the Council’s website or contact our team. We have worked with numerous landlords in the past and seen firsthand how good Hillingdon Council is at meeting their needs.