Havering is one of London’s “super suburbs”

London is becoming more and more renowned for its “super suburbs”. Areas like Havering have seen a huge rise in demand and popularity, particularly amongst first time buyers. This comes because of high prices in Central areas and the limited space making it difficult to keep up with supply needs. As a result people are targeting locations further out.

This can have a huge transformative affect on areas. Suburban locations are generally the places that have the most available land to play with. Increased demand and rising prices encourages more building and sees density rise. Typically the rising popularity results in more invested in infrastructure and regenerations to meet the needs of new and existing residents.

The Borough of Havering has become immensely attractive to buyers for two reasons. Firstly, it is in the traditionally more affordable east end, offering even more value for money. Secondly, it is a very green area owing to its location right on the eastern edge of Greater London. At the southern tip of the area is Rainham Marshes, an RSPB Nature Reserve. Working north there are many parks and open spaces to enjoy.

Romford has long proven to be the most popular area in the Borough. It has several attractions including good transport links and a world famous street market. On top of this it is the commercial and retail centre of Havering, home to shops, restaurants, and all manner of other leisure attractions.

According to Land Registry data house prices in Havering have risen by 18.6% since the Brexit vote. This is a great figure and represents how popular the area has become. The popularity is expected to continue over the next few years with Crossrail arriving in the Borough and other major developments taking place.

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