Havering is set to benefit from new developments

We all know that many areas of London have experienced dramatic improvements in recent years, leading to rapid developments in the property market in many parts of the capital. As various areas of London undergo regeneration and the Crossrail development continues, property prices have risen in certain pockets of the capitals, leading to small clusters of prime property in areas which were previously better known for lower-value properties.

Havering has been predicted to benefit from the Crossrail development in particular, with more million-pound properties becoming available across the East London borough as the new rail network promises to increase demand and asking prices greatly. This means that at the moment, there is a mixture of properties of varying values available in the borough, presenting exciting opportunities for prospective landlords who are thinking about making investments here.

As it is made up largely of residential areas, the borough has always appealed to families and people looking for quiet, spacious homes while still having easy access to Central London for work and entertainment. You’re likely to have many interested prospective tenants when you invest in a buy to let property here, as well as many chances to sell a property on for a profit in the future.

If you are considering investing in a property in this part of London, or have already done so and need some assistance taking care of day to day management and dealing with tenants, our team are here to help. With our extensive experience of all aspects of property, we are able to handle even the most challenging management tasks, including full estate or block management in Havering and across the rest of London. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can add value to your portfolio and provide you with full and comprehensive management.