Affordable investments in the capital

Many people believe that the London property market is reserved purely for the wealthy and those with access to substantial funding. The press usually only report on the London property market when a major, multi-million pound deal has been brokered. It is not accurate, however, to assume that all London property deals feature huge sums.

Over the last ten years, just over 50,000 London properties have been sold for a price which exceeded a million pounds. That figure may sound like a lot, but should be understood in the context of the entire number of properties sold in London and the rest of the UK during the same time. When this is considered, the figure of high value London property deals is truly only a small percentage. It should also be noted that over half of these sales involved properties in the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, one of the most sought after areas in the world for property investors.

While London property is generally sold for higher sums than in most other areas of the country, it is not priced in such a way that all investors are excluded from it. The pricing must also be understood in terms of growth values, and in this regard London property really does hold substantial potential for high levels of return on investment.

We make sure that we understand the London property market as comprehensively as we understand the requirements and expectations of our clients. This combination has made us the most trusted name for help and support with investment properties in Harrow and all other areas of London. Whether it’s a studio apartment in a block of flats or one of the multi-million pound properties that feature in the news, we have the proven track record for professional property management and useful support and advice for investors.