Havering remains a property hotspot

Havering became established as one of the most popular hotspots in London in 2016. The north-eastern Borough will receive new transport links thanks to the Elizabeth Line and also offers some of the most affordable property prices in the capital. This combination has made it attractive to a wide array of buyers, including first timers and people looking to upgrade from a flat to a family home.

The figures tell the story of Havering’s success. From 2009 to 2015 prices rose by a modest 79%. This was outstripped by numerous areas in the capital, including the established Boroughs in the centre of the city. In 2016 though, growth of 18% outperformed many of them. At the same time places like Kensington and Chelsea and Hackney saw a drop in values.

The arrival of the Elizabeth Line will reduce commuting time from Romford to the centre of the city. Once up and running commuters can make the trip in around half an hour. This will make it an even more popular commuter hotspot.

Properties in Havering offer a huge amount of potential for both investors and owner-occupiers. The Borough will continue to be a hotspot for 2017 and beyond, particularly with the Elizabeth Line not set to open until December 2019.

At Finefair we have served landlords and investors across Havering for many years. In that time we have seen the growth in house prices and the big shift in popularity, adapting to meet the changing needs of our clients. We focus on delivering the very best value, regardless of the service we are called on to provide.

The area where we excel is property management in Havering. We can handle managing a wide variety of properties, from individual homes to HMOs and even estates and blocks. We are dedicated to achieving the best for our clients and have built a strong reputation as a result.

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