A big drop in long-term vacant homes in Hillingdon

Property Partner recently released new research into the number of unoccupied properties in England. Using data from the Department for Communities coupled with Local Governments they examined occupancy, seeing which areas had seen big changes.

The research shows that across England the number of long-term vacant homes, i.e. those without tenants for six months or longer, had fallen by an incredible 36.4% since 2006. Initially 314,719 properties were unoccupied but the number has decreased substantially due to high demands for homes.

One area that has seen a particularly large drop in the number of long-term vacant homes is Hillingdon in London. In 2006 the area had 804 uninhabited properties. By 2016 this had fallen by more than half to 401.

Hillingdon is the most western Borough in the capital but offers a huge array of benefits. Firstly it has fantastic transport links, mainly owing to the fact it is home to Heathrow Airport. This connectivity means residents can easily commute to the centre of the city.

On top of transport the area is largely suburban due to its location. This translates to space and greenery. There are plenty of parks in the Borough and Colne Valley Region Park is just to the west.

A third big benefit is the affordability of properties. Hillingdon is home to some of the most affordable streets in the whole of London, giving buyers a better chance to get on the market or move up it.

At Finefair we have worked as a lettings agent in Hillingdon for several years. We have seen firsthand the drop in the number of properties that spend more than six months on the market. Demand is high and it is incredible how quickly tenants can be arranged or sales agreed.

The popularity of Hillingdon is expected to continue to rise with new expansion taking place at Heathrow. This could see even more long-term vacant properties become inhabited, driving the total down even more.