Harrow Council to pursue new joint venture

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A new JV

Guaranteed rent HarrowIt was recently revealed that the cabinet for the London Borough of Harrow was set to approve a joint venture. The JV involves the development of three major sites inside the Borough. Moreover, they had to green light a procurement procedure to locate a development partner.

The JV’s name is the Harrow Strategic Development Partnership. It is going to take ownership of three essential sites that the council currently owns. They are the Byron Quarter, Peel Road, and Poet’s Corner.

The council will have ownership over half of the project. The JV could last for 35 years. There is a good chance that the deal will end up structured as a limited liability partnership too. To cover set-up costs, Harrow has a fund worth £1.7m.


There was a report from Harrow Council’s corporate director as well. It states that the options here provide the finest chance of development and regeneration. This is on a scale that is consistent with the council’s objectives and ambitions. It allows the wider social and economical benefits Harrow Council needs. Something else the report states is that a joint venture has more flexibility. Therefore, it can respond to shifts in the market.

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