Guaranteed rent remains our most popular service

Our guaranteed rent in Waltham Forest and the rest of London is the most popular service we offer for investors and landlords, and quite rightly so.

Guaranteed rent can secure your investments and leave you with sustainable monthly income, even if your property is left vacant for a few months or the tenants are unable to pay their rent for any reason. From studio flats and houses to HMOs and housing blocks, we are the only company in the UK who will guarantee the rent on any property regardless of age, type or size. Whether you choose to guarantee your rent for one year or ten years, once your property is leased your income is secured for the agreed period no matter what. Payments for your rent will commence within 24 hours and there are no commission or management fees to pay.

Another great benefit of our guaranteed rent in Waltham Forest is that you have no tenants or viewings to deal with, and we will manage each and every aspect of the property on your behalf. Even if you are living abroad or are based in a completely different part of the UK, you will have the reassurance that your London property is being cared for by an expert team. We will carry out monthly inspections and a copy of the report can be emailed to you if required.

Many landlords have been warned of the “pitfalls” of guaranteed rent, but we believe that there shouldn’t be a risk for wishing to sustainably invest in property. Instead, we believe that guaranteed rent should be something that is available to all landlords if they want it, and should always leave them with decent rental income. For over a decade we have been situated at the forefront of London’s property market and are well known for offering reliable and consistent services to each and every one of our clients.