The growth of property value in Lambeth

While all parts of London enjoy some level of popularity with renters and buyers, it has to be said that Lambeth has always held a high level of appeal. The central position of the Borough has always made it a popular choice for those working in the city. It’s also home to some iconic buildings and venues, such as the Oval cricket ground, Brixton Academy and the London Eye. Many believe that if you want to be a part of London then when you need to be is a part of Lambeth.

The phenomenal levels of growth in demand for property across London is reflected in Lambeth. At present it’s a Borough which features one of the highest differentials between people looking to live in the area and the amount of property available. The most visible net effect of this is that property prices and leasing fees have significantly increased over the last few years. This means that in terms of market forces, portfolio holders are being drawn to the available investment properties in Lambeth.

London property prices tend to rise on a yearly basis at a rate higher than is average across the rest of the country. However, the percentage increase recorded each year is not consistent across the city. In Lambeth, the average annual increase in the value of property has been around 20%. This makes it one of the most profitable and successful areas of the city for investors to own property in.

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