Greener homes command more value

Energy efficiency is an important factor for property seekers, whether they are looking to buy or rent. This is particularly true for people in the 20-35 age bracket according to a survey by CBRE. The same report also reveals that 8 out of 10 buyers would be willing to pay more for a home that is environmentally friendly and efficient.

The passion for greener homes is being felt across London with more and more developers looking to create high quality modern properties that are eco-friendly. There are a number of outstanding projects including the pioneering BedZed zero carbon housing in Hackbridge, Sutton and Futurehomes in Elephant & Castle. Even properties in prime central London locations are adopting better green standards.

It is generally easier to achieve excellent energy efficiency and sustainability standards with new builds. This can be the focus from the outset, ensuring that the whole design is focused on it, down to individual materials and the energy saving measures that are introduced.

Older buildings can be retrofitted to make them more efficient. This is more challenging but it is an option that investors should consider, both for their own properties and any homes they choose to let out. The latter could command higher monthly rents as a result and may see a better sell on value in the long term too.

At Finefair we have had the pleasure of managing numerous different types of properties over the years, including modern, highly efficient eco-homes. We can deliver a flexible service that satisfies the needs of the landlords.

One service we are renowned for is providing estate management Sutton landlords can really rely on. Our team are experienced at working with estates, catering for different sizes all manner of specific requirements. The standards we can achieve are very impressive and our focus is always on getting the best value we can.

If estate management is something you are interested in we can help. Our service is available throughout Sutton and in other London Boroughs across the capital.