Giving landlords the ability to plan and save

With our years of experience in the world of London property, we have a detailed understanding of the pressures which face landlords. We strive to address many of these worries by offering the most comprehensive selection of services, particularly our unique guaranteed rent schemes. If you have concerns about receiving your rent on time each month, this could offer you the ideal solution. Huge numbers of landlords across the country have already benefited from this offer, and no matter what kind of property you own, we are ready to help you too.

One of the biggest fears facing landlords is that their property is left unoccupied, resulting in a loss of profits which may leave them unable to meet the mortgage payments or other important expenses. Our guaranteed rent scheme eliminates this fear, as it means you will continue to receive payments whether the property is vacant or occupied. Whether you have a tenant who is unable to pay or the premises is temporarily empty, you’ll have the reassurance that the rent will still keep coming in at the same time each and every month.

When you opt for our flexible guaranteed rent schemes, you will enjoy a whole host of advantages. You will not only be relieved of the stress and worry that comes with financial uncertainty, but will also enjoy greater stability that will allow you to plan for the future with confidence. We have been providing guaranteed rent in Haringey and across the UK for over a decade, and achieve the highest possible rates for our customers. This entire service is designed around your needs, and we allow you to choose the time period, giving you absolute freedom and flexibility. If you want to remove your worries about unpaid rent, make us your first port of call.