Bexley’s success story continues

In recent months, we have relayed a number of news stories about Bexley, such as the survey which named it the happiest London Borough to live in. As the year has progressed, further good news about life in Bexley is coming to the fore, particularly relating to the outstanding value and potential for success offered by properties here.

Despite the positive reporting on the high quality of life in Bexley and the growing demand for living space there, the Borough remains one of the most attractive in London from a price perspective alone. A recent survey showed that in March 2016, Bexley is the only area of the capital to have property listed at a price below £100,000. This is even more remarkable when we consider the fact that property values in the Borough are increasing at a higher percentage per year than they are across the rest of London.

For the most part, the traditionally low cost of Bexley property is the reason why today the values still appear comparatively low when considered in terms of current demand. Most analysts who have looked at this rather unique set of circumstances have come to the conclusion that market forces will naturally bring a change. With prices currently being comparatively low and demand levels increasing significantly, serious consideration needs to be given now to making a property investment in Bexley.

Many people would suggest that it is impossible to sustain the current level of growth. However, if we consider the reasons why Bexley’s popularity has grown over recent years, there are clear indications that the situation is in fact sustainable. With the Crossrail upgrades and new Thames crossings, commuting between Bexley and central London will become far more accessible. This can only serve to make the Borough even more appealing to prospective buyers and renters.

While there are positives to be drawn from the performance of the property market across London, it is hard to disagree with a view that Bexley currently offers the best of the best. The high demand for property coupled with below average valuations really has made this area the place where investors in London need to look. If you would like guidance on your property investment in Bexley, Harrow, Islington or any other area of the capital, contact our team today.