New flats form an important part of the Orchard Wharf development

From a historical perspective the Tower Hamlets region has always been one of the most heavily populated London Boroughs. With this in mind we believe it is very fitting that one of the biggest and most ambitious new housing projects in the capital city has been given the official go-ahead in this area.

In one of the first actions of the New Year, Tower Hamlets Council has approved plans for Orchard Wharf. At the heart of this ambitious 324,919 sq ft development are five inter-connected apartment blocks of varying heights. The tallest is set to be a 24 storey tower. The final plans were determined to blend in perfectly well with its proposed River Lea setting, and work is anticipated to be completed in 2020.

Few would argue with the view that the most important aspect of this development is the effective way in which it will help address the housing shortage in this part of London. From the perspective of our professional services, however, it also illustrates the need for property owners to make sure they appoint the best available people for estate management.

Tower Hamlets is a Borough where a higher proportion of the population rents their residential accommodation rather than own it. This means that the property owners must ensure that their investments are well managed and maintained.

Rather than dedicating their own time and resources to this important requirement it’s usually far more preferable – and economically viable – to appoint property managers to handle this. For more than a decade we’ve proudly held a second to none status for delivering the best estate management in Tower Hamlet, ensuring all properties are properly managed.

Orchard Wharf being given the go ahead is good news for both the growing London population and property investors. We’re here to provide the world class service which sees owners gain the greatest success from these conditions. If you have any questions please contact us.