Choosing investment properties in areas with high tenant demand

The buy to let industry in the UK has experienced a lot of turmoil over the last few years. Investment properties remain a very attractive option though and there are a number of areas where people can earn a fantastic reward from investing in this way.

Typically the cities with the best buy to let prospects are those with strong tenant demand. This is particularly true of areas where there are high numbers of students and young professionals looking for homes. Good examples include London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

In London there are many areas where investment properties can provide really good opportunities for healthy returns. The city is unique because it is so large and diverse. This creates challenges in choosing areas but also increases the potential for finding a property to suit every need.

According to the latest research areas in London that are showing good rises in demand include Waltham Forest, Croydon and Newham. All three are seeing rises in access of 20% per annum as more and more people look to find good homes that suit their budget and investment properties that can provide healthy returns.

The research shows that when looking at areas to purchase properties landlords look at demand and target those where levels are high. This is natural because they want to stand the best chance of finding tenants and earning the returns they expect.

At Finefair we can help clients who are searching for and looking to purchase investment properties in Waltham Forest or any other London Borough. We have a lot of experience and use it to ensure we deliver the very best level of service.

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