Finsbury Park in Haringey offers a number of benefits to residents

Finsbury Park is a desirable residential area in the Borough of Haringey. There are several things that make it stand out including the wonderful transport links, the close proximity to one of the largest parks in London, and some really great amenities.

The location is a big selling point thanks to the transport links. Islington and the City of London are a convenient distance away, allowing people to commute for work and leisure with ease. The area is on both the Victoria Line and Piccadilly Line. Two overland stations are accessible two, providing even more services.

On top of rail the bus services in the area are also really good. A number of these operate all night long, catering for the needs of residents who work late in different areas and those who travel for leisure.

The residential area is also good for cyclists. There is a secure cycle route on the eastern side of the Park for people to make use of. Additionally Finsbury Park itself is good for cycling and walking because there is no traffic going through it. This gives people a huge 110 acres to enjoy.

The housing scene in Finsbury Park is good for families thanks to the multitude of Victorian terraced homes. On top of these there are a number of housing estates spread across the area. The most expensive properties tend to be located in close proximity to the station. Prices tend to come down as the distance from it increases.

At Finefair we have seen Finsbury Park enjoy a big turn-around in popularity over the years. It has become much more desirable and attracted a very diverse array of residents as a result. Both are great news for the area.

We are proud to provide an array of services in the Borough of Haringey and Finsbury Park itself. These include estate management, lettings, and investment advice too. Whatever you need you can put your faith in our experienced, passionate team.