Boosting greenery and biodiversity in Hammersmith and Fulham

Work on several estates in Hammersmith and Fulham aimed at improving the biodiversity and reducing the risk of flooding was finished at the end of October this year. The projects had been underway for two years, working to transform the aesthetics of several properties that had large expanses of bare, unused concrete.

The work on the sites included the installation of green roofing, community planting areas, sunken rain gardens, and landscaping too. Hammersmith and Fulham Council worked with Groundwork London, a specialist environment regeneration charity, on the project, ensuring it provided the biggest benefits for the area.

The idea behind the project was to improve the lives of residents and create useful spaces that were better for the environment. It also adhered to the Council’s aims to become the greenest Borough in the capital.

The greener sites have already gained great praise, both from residents and visitors. The project has even been shortlisted for a Landscape Institute Award, showcasing the wonderful things that can be achieved with the right focus and designs.

The transformation of the spaces is fantastic. Typically the large expanses of bare concrete around estates deter visitors. The new greener, community focused spaces are more inviting and actually attract visitors because so much greenery and biodiversity is quite rare in Central London.

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