Expanding your property portfolio

Investment properties in Southwark and other areas of London can be one of the most effective ways to gain a profit. With many people struggling to afford the costs of owning a home, more and more people are living in rented accommodation. Others simply prefer to rent as they prefer the freedom and flexibility it offers, as opposed to owning a home.

London is a thriving city and a sought-after location for tenants and businesses from across the world, which means there is a lot of demand for properties to rent and plenty of opportunities for those who wish to buy properties with the intention of letting them.

Whether you are a first time investor and wish to acquire the help of a professional body to make the right choice, or you’d like assistance growing your portfolio even further, we can help. Firstly, we’ll help you identify investment properties for potential purchase via our partnerships with established agents, auctioneers and investment companies. Once you have decided on a property, we can then maximise the income you receive by increasing the size of the home. For instance, we could transform a three bedroom property into a licensed HMO which could increase your profits by up to 15%. We can even guarantee your rent so that you can have complete peace of mind.

We specialise in portfolio services for investors and know that each investor is individual with their own unique goals. We understand that clients have personal requirements and therefore work closely with them to ensure that every need is catered to. Full and complete customer satisfaction is something that we strive for here. We aim to make sure that both the landlord and the tenant are happy, so please contact us for any assistance you require when it comes to investment properties in Southwark and throughout the entire capital.