Enfield’s current properties and recent developments

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One of the main reasons why families choose Enfield is that it has a very small town vibe to it. In addition, there are acres of green land that encircle the borough. Contained within are two lovely parks; Forty Hall and Trent Park. Epping Forest isn’t too far away either.


Enfield town centre is home to Gentlemen’s Row. Here, you can find a delightful enclave of Georgian buildings overlooking the New River. Close by, River View has Victorian houses and period cottages. These also overlook the river.

In other spots, the borough has a fair collection of modern flats as well as 20s and 30s terrace and semi-detached homes.

One of the most popular estates in the area is the Willow Estate. North of the town centre, there are plenty of semi-detached homes on its roads. Therefore it appeals to lots of investors.

A recent addition to the area would be that of Elements in Ponders End. This is one piece of Alma Estate’s restoration. Eventually, this ten-year scheme will bring the demolition of 746 houses. In their place, over 1,000 new high quality homes will take shape. Furthermore, there shall be community facilities, a gym, and new shops. Locals and prospective buyers alike are sure to welcome these new developments.

At Finefair, we are familiar with many different varieties of property. This includes small flats as well as large homes. They appeal to a wide array of different types of buyers and tenants. Luckily we can offer a range of services to help them.

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