Downsizers are unlocking a lot of property equity

One of the most interesting current trends in the housing market is the number of people who are selling off family homes and choosing to move into luxury apartments and flats in London. Whilst downsizing in terms of space, many of these individuals are looking at areas that offer fantastic leisure and cultural amenities.

Several areas in London have become popular with this kind of mover. Maida Vale, Bankside, Ealing, and even the City of London itself are all well regarded. Luxury homes in these areas can offer plenty of benefits in themselves, including things like concierge services and gyms.

The incredible thing about these buyers is they account for a huge £1.5 trillion of housing equity. This amounts to around 43% of the total property wealth of the whole of the UK. As their family homes have grown too big many look to move to London, whether they left when they first sought a family home or are deciding to relocate for the first time.

Surprisingly this demographic is looking for many of the things that young professionals are looking for in a home. This includes access to transport links and local amenities. In terms of the latter, their focus may be even more on leisure though, including things like museums and galleries, restaurants, cafes, and the theatre.

Some of the people selling larger family homes unlock additional equity to invest. This can lead them to looking at rent to buy properties that will provide a good return or even helping out their children with getting on the property ladder.

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