Developments are putting more effort into standing out

Hackney continues to see new developments that take it further and further away from its industrial heritage. In the past parts of the Borough were home to everything from small factories to breakers yard’s. These fell out of use over the years though. Fortunately the arrival of the art scene brought regeneration and ultimately pushed prices up, leading to even more redevelopment.

With such a wide array of developments to choose from many developers are looking at ways to make their projects stand out. There are numerous ways they can do this, including creating community spaces and offering an array of attractive services targeting specific audiences.

Monohaus stands out amongst projects because it re-writes the lines between home and work. The property is home to 47 flats as well as workspaces, shops, and a lifestyle hub. Surprisingly the site is home to an artisan bakery, a vinyl music shop, and a craft beer premises. These are things that could be a huge selling point for artists and young professionals.

The homes are designed with an industrial style, capturing and preserving some of the heritage of the area. Polished concrete floors with underfloor heating, German kitchens, and smart home systems give each flat a modern feel. Sizes range from one to three bedrooms.

The fact that developers are trying harder and harder to stand out and appeal to specific target audiences is very interesting. It helps to bring different styles and diversification to areas, creating better communities.

At Finefair we have spent many years building our reputation the leading provider of advice about council leasing Hackney has to offer. We understand the benefits the schemes can offer and can offer plenty of information for our clients.

Although the designs of homes have changed over the years Hackney Council is still looking for a wide array of different styles of property to cater for housing needs. Whatever type of property you choose to invest in council leasing may be an option you want to consider.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch; we will be pleased to provide information about and offer the support clients expect from the best provider of council leasing Hackney is home to.