Development plans for the Royal Bell rejected

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A while back we wrote an article about plans to regenerate the landmark Royal Bell hotel in Bromley. The plans had a lot of positives and would give new life to a building that has suffered from years of neglect. Sadly planners at Bromley Council had several qualms with the project. As a result their suggestion is that councillors reject the plan.

What are the issues?

A new report from the planners highlights the issues they see with the current proposal. The most notable one is that the redevelopment would be excessively tall and bulky. They feel this would be intrusive on the area, not sitting well among other buildings, and also harm the skyline.

The big stumbling block is that the town centre is a conservation area and has lots of heritage architecture. Planners don’t want a modern development to harm either of these.

In addition there are concerns about accessibility. The new development would include a bar, restaurant, gym and swimming pool. The planning committee point out that there is no indication of how deliveries would be made.


The project has a lot of support though. Several councillors back it, saying it is important to consider the benefits of the application. Additionally 129 public submissions gave support while only 8 were against the project.

It will be interesting to see if the Council go against the planners and give permission to the development. More likely is they will send it back for a round of changes.

This is the kind of project we watch out for at Finefair. If it progresses it could be great news for the area and stimulate interest. Other investors may want to keep a close eye on it to see what the next decision is.

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