Create social housing or protect green space?

The Northfields Allotments, formerly Ealing Dean, are the oldest in London. They were created in 1832 when the Bishop of London, Charles James Blomfield, decreed the land be made available to the working poor. It was duly split up into allotments that locals could use to garden and produce their own food. A single well-managed plot could feed a family and the land also provided important green space for residents who lacked their own gardens.

The long history of the allotments is fantastic and they remain very popular today, welcoming people from dozens of different cultures. Sadly the allotment managers fear for the future of the site, particularly with the continued push for land for social and private housing.

The fears for the future of the site are well founded, particularly with a large part of the land already being lost. In the 70s around 60% was purchased by Ealing Council and used for social and charity housing. There have been no additional changes since then but plans were released in 2016 that would have taken up even more land. Although they are not finalised, the idea has not been completely discarded.

The situation is different because it puts the two most pressing issues in London in direct competition. Is it more important to retain the outdoor space or build new homes? The choice comes down to what is best for the community, but when both sides have a valid argument it is difficult to make a decision.

At Finefair we understand both sides of the argument; housing is needed but green spaces need to be saved, especially when they are so crucial to the community. It will be interesting to see what kind of decision is made for Northfields.

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