Council led construction project brings new housing to Newham

We’d like to extend our congratulations to Newham Council in respect of the recently completed Libra Road development. As a preferred supplier to the municipal authorities we have supported and watched with interest how this construction project has taken a very proactive approach to meeting the high demand levels for residential property. The success achieved will, we believe, prove to be hugely beneficial to the area and is highly likely to inspire similar initiatives across London.

Some people have assumed that the success of the Libra Road project means that there will no longer be a demand or requirement for council leasing in Newham. This is not the case. As much as projects like this will help meet the demand for housing, no one ever intended or expected them to be the sole solution. With an increasing number of people looking to live in this part of east London, in real terms the demand for private leasing by the council is arguably at record levels.

For more than a decade we’ve been at the forefront of providing property owner services for council leasing in Newham. Our in-depth understanding of the process is backed with the required abilities and resources to deliver comprehensive property management services. The net effect of this is that we’re able to secure the most preferable terms for owners whilst also ensuring properties are managed and maintained to the highest levels.

There are many who, mindful of key developments and events during 2016, predicted a fall in demand for property in London. This has proved to be far from the case. Time and again the great lure, appeal and importance of the capital city have been shown to be impervious to the events around it.

Projects such as Libra Road are working towards meeting the ever increasing demand for living space in areas such as Newham. We are proud to be a supportive part of this, providing our council leasing service in a way which benefits owners, investors and the community.