Cheapest area for in London for single buyers

Across London there are properties to suit various types of tenancy. You can find everything from one bedroom flats perfect for single people to mansions with a dozen bedrooms. Finefair can help people to find the perfect homes to invest in. We also offer the very best guaranteed rent Bexley has to offer. With it we can provide guarantees on income for buy to let properties.

One bedroom homes for single people can be a great investment, especially if they are in good areas. Finding the right location can be a challenge though. If you are looking to make your money go further, Zoopla has some new research you should read. It looks at which areas in London are the cheapest for singletons to buy in.


The most affordable area is Bexley. According to the figures the average price for a one bedroom flat in the Borough is £205,730. This is a healthy figure and also below the average price for a home in the UK. If the buyer took out a mortgage to buy a property at this price the monthly repayment would be around £776.


While Bexley was the cheapest area Havering wasn’t far behind. The average price for a one bed flat here is £215,545. This is accessible to lots of buyers, including first timers.


The third place on Zoopla’s list went to Bromley. The south-eastern Borough had an average price of £260,037 for a one bedroom flat.

Whether it is investors or first time buyers, one bedroom flats in these areas are quite affordable. With a little research and looking at the right areas, people can make their money go further. Finefair can help too, sharing our local knowledge and experience.

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