The changing skyline of West London

There is currently a significant amount of building and construction work being carried out across London. While a significant amount of this relates to global corporates setting up a presence here, most of it is centred on addressing the well documented shortage of housing in London. With demand far outstripping the level of property available, urgent building work is underway to ease the pressure. In this regard, the London Borough of Hounslow features examples of both the high level of demand for property and the efforts to address the situation.

Hounslow, particularly Chiswick, has always been one of the most popular regions of West London. Whereas the Borough itself is home to a significant number of businesses, from a residential perspective it offers one of the most accessible levels of commuter connectivity across the city. When this is considered in conjunction with the beautiful environment of the Borough, it is little wonder that so many wish to make themselves at home here. Several plans are currently underway to ensure that people can do exactly this.

One of the most ambitious plans is the proposed ‘Gateway Tower’. If permission is granted, this 42 storey, multi-purpose use building will be situated at Chiswick Roundabout, and will become the tallest building visible on the West London skyline. Although it must be stressed that permission for construction has not yet been given, the view of many supporters is that the Gateway Tower will ensure the recent regeneration of the region is transformed into sustainable and successful growth.

With towers and flats being seen as the optimal way to address the demand for living space in London, there is an increased call for professional property management. Hounslow is one of the many areas where we have delivered peerless success to property owners who have invested in apartments and flats. In addition to world class property management services, we aim to help investors gain the highest possible returns through private leasing, guaranteed rent or council leasing agreements.

Property experts agree that the London property market is set for further growth across 2016. Our services have been designed to ensure that property owners attain the greatest levels of return possible from this growth.