Camden has all sorts to offer you

Finefair is a business that prides itself on being the finest team for property investment Camden has. The thing about investments like these is they can go both ways. You can be financially successful with them. On the other hand, the wrong choices can lead to a big loss. We are here to make sure the former happens so you get the best returns.

Camden is a major player on the Britpop, punk, and rock scenes. Additionally, this is a historic neighbourhood that is famous as the stomping ground of various writers, artists, and musicians. Not everything here is about the arts and music though. You might be after a wonderful night out or a decent place to eat. Camden has a little something for everyone.

Camden Lock

property investment CamdenAny tea lovers out there should journey to the Yumchaa Camden Lock. Here, you will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of teas. This is a cosy tearoom that overlooks the river. Its speciality is loose-leaf tea. There are more than 40 flavours and blends here. Finding something you enjoy won’t be hard. Moreover, there are matcha lattes, coffee, and a selection of pastries and cakes.

The Lock is also home to lots of bars and restaurants. Nearby is the famous Stables market where you can buy all kinds of great items.

Head to the zoo

The Lock isn’t the only attractive thing about Camden however. It also provides you with the chance to make friends with the lions at London Zoo. This is one of our planet’s oldest existing zoos. Furthermore, it is one of the capital’s largest tourist attractions. In addition to almost 700 species of animals, the zoo offers you the chance to spend the night at one of the ‘lion lodges’.


If you have the time, go to Regent’s Canal and take a boat trip. Throughout the year, you are free to pick a water bus up at Camden Lock. From there, it is possible to take it along Regent’s Canal and head towards Little Venice. Expect to cruise through the middle of London Zoo, across Regent’s Park, and past celebrity homes.

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