Bexley is the big winner

Finefair can adapt our service to suit any portfolio. Therefore we are the most affordable provider of block management Bexley has to offer. We don’t struggle if you have lots of properties in blocks. Instead we look to achieve the best savings and unbeatable value.

Over the last 12 months the property market in London has been a story of two halves. Inner Boroughs, traditionally the areas with the highest demand and prices, have had some struggles. On average prices in these areas have fallen by 2.5% according to figures from Rightmove. Many Outer Boroughs have done much better. While some have lost value, others have actually seen growth.

The biggest winner in the period is Bexley. Prices in the eastern Borough are up a healthy 2.8%. The area has some of the cheapest prices in the whole of London and also has lots of good things to offer, including lots of space.

What is causing the divide?

When you look at the two sides of the story you will probably think it is solely the high prices that put people off. While this is true it is more down to the motivation of the buyer. There is higher growth in Outer Boroughs because families and first time buyers tend to favour them. There will always be demand from these groups.

Inner London on the other hand is a more popular destination for investors. The uncertainty and things such as high supply and tax liability make it less attractive. While there are still some sales, many sellers are staying off the market and buyers have more power to negotiate.

Price drops

There is almost always a drop in house prices in November. This is because people want to encourage a sale before the end of the year so they can make a fresh start. This year the drop has been the highest since 2012 with average prices across the capital down 1.7% of £10,000.

Finefair’s high standards are what set us up as the top team for block management Bexley has. We appreciate the area is very hot at the moment, with demand from occupiers and investors. We are here to help, offering reliable service for our clients. If you need us, just call.