A quiet place to live in London

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Barratt London recently conducted research into London’s Boroughs. The aim of the study was to determine which ones were the quietest in the entire capital. With new concerns over the rising noise volumes of the London Underground, the investigation revealed that Tower Hamlets was the quietest of all. They based the finding on over 4,000 crowdsourced decibel readings from across the city.

The process

The study made use of typical statistics from the WideNoise app. This permits users to put forward readings whilst they’re on the move. From the 44 figures captured within Tower Hamlets, they found 53.3dB to be the average. This is equal to the noise of a standard home conversation.

Despite the fact that 66dB was the average noise level covering London, there are locales where volumes are just above a whisper. In greener sections surrounding Kingston’s Bushy Park, like Radnor Gardens for instance, the lowest recorded decibel levels were 29dB. This is dramatically below London’s average.

Finding a balance

Given that London is one of the world’s busiest settlements, the majority of individuals would anticipate a certain amount of noise. Although, the revelation that standard volumes fall between a conversation in the office and one at home is a testament to how London is balancing the preservation of green spaces and progressive urbanisation.

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