A new model for sustainable living?

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Sustainable living

Guaranteed rent SuttonHousing shortages are a big problem, especially in London. Luckily there are lots of plans to improve supply. However, it is vital that developers think about sustainability and the quality of the new homes. It is crucial to build whilst also thinking about the environment so the projects don’t have a huge negative effect.

BedZED was a groundbreaking project that set a new standard for zero carbon homes. In 2002 it became the largest eco village in the UK. This was the first time a developer had this kind of sustainable model on a large scale. As well as 100 new sustainable homes, the project brought new community facilities, a college and even office space.

Verksbyen, Norway

Since 2002 there have been many developments in sustainability. One of the most interesting is this new neighbourhood in Norway. Over the next decade there will be five new 5 storey apartment buildings. In total this will create housing for 5,000 people.

What makes the project stand out is the buildings will be laminated veneer lumber (LVL). This is perfect for prefabrication. As a result the developer can build the homes very fast and they will be light. More importantly, the timber is sustainable and ensures very low CO2 emissions.

To drive sustainability up more, the new buildings will have green technology to generate electricity and heat. For example there will be solar panels and solar thermal heating.

If this project is successful it could inspire other projects around the world, including in the UK. There is already a healthy movement in sustainable building here, including projects that use laminated timber.

Property solutions

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