A brand new park and homes for Hillingdon

The redevelopment of RAF Uxbridge is one of the most interesting projects in the whole of London. Ultimately the project will create up to 1,300 homes, a new primary school, and a brand new park. St Andrew’s Park became the largest new open public space in the capital in March when it was handed over to the local council. The project has created some of the most impressive investment properties Hillingdon has to offer.

New accessibility

The 32 acres of land the new park covers was previously inaccessible to the public. It is now home to 167 new trees, 150,000 square feet of wildflowers, thousands of shrubs and plants, and new habitats for wildlife. In addition there are a range of different facilities. This includes 7,500 square feet of sport pitches, a children’s play area, and winding trails for walking and cycling.

The public space and amenities will be fantastic for locals. The land has been empty since the Ministry of Defence decided to close the RAF base in 2010. It will now get a new lease of life and also create new homes.


In total there will be 1,300 new homes. Currently 350 of these are complete and have sold. The plan is to have an additional 140 ready for the end of the year as well as 240 apartments for rental.

The homes could be among the very best investment properties Hillingdon has to offer. They will be high quality new builds in a great location. The area has some fantastic amenities, including quality transport links. Heathrow Airport is a short distance to the south, making it perfect for people who regularly travel overseas for business.

Finefair understands why so many investors are drawn to properties in Hillingdon. There is plenty to offer in terms of amenities and house prices can be more towards the affordable end of the scale. There are opportunities for long term growth too, especially with the number of investments and regeneration works going on in the Borough.

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