A new masterplan for Earls Court

Earlier in November it was revealed that Capital & Counties’ (CapCo) would start work on a new masterplan for their Earls Court development. An argument over the project had raged on for many years due to fears the project would see a loss of two housing estates with 760 homes. These have been eased somewhat with the announcement that the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham will seek to take control of these homes back. Continue reading

A new all-night Overground service for London

Last year night Tube services were launched on the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines. The aim was to create a better night-time economy in the city, making it easier for people to travel home after visiting hotspots or working late shifts. The idea has proven to be a good one and has had an impact on the property market. The routes chosen have missed a number of important cultural hubs. That is until now. Continue reading

Delays for Meridian Water?

The £6 billion Meridian Water project in the London Borough of Enfield, one of the largest urban developments in the UK, encountered issues in October. Barratt was selected as the preferred bidder 18 months ago but concerns arose about their proposals. The local council asked them to confirm their commitment to key elements of the project but the developer chose to withdraw instead. Continue reading

New housing targets for London

Towards the end of October the Mayor of London revealed some ambitious targets for house building in the capital between now and 2021. These will be explored in more detail in a new assessment of housing need set to be released in November and the latest London Plan. The objectives could have a huge impact on investors in the capital. Continue reading

Croydon could become home to a new modular tower

In August a planning application for a 546 home build to rent tower were submitted to Croydon Council. The plan is to create the 44 storey tower on George Street in the centre of the town close to numerous amenities. The project would be carried out by Tide Construction with forward funding courtesy of US investor Greystar. The total value of the property when finished could be upwards of £150 million. Continue reading

The City of Westminster’s new planning policy

Last month Westminster Council blocked plans to create one of the most valuable apartments in the world in The Knightsbridge. The plan was to combine two separate penthouses into a single 15,000 square foot, ten bedroom home complete with a cinema. The proposal was ultimately turned down because the local authority claimed it would be a loss of housing stock. Continue reading

Office leasing news for the City of London

The continued political instability in the UK is having a big impact on office leasing in the City of London. According to the latest data, the number of leases has slowed to a ten year low as many businesses delay important strategic decisions. Many of them are still waiting to see whether they will choose to move their operations elsewhere. Continue reading

Camden Council is working to improve housing stock

Although it remains one of the most popular Boroughs in London, hundreds of privately owned homes in Camden are left vacant. The recent Empty Homes Week 2017 revealed how bad the issue is, stating there are over 950 properties. The event did not focus solely on the problems though. It also gave the local council the chance to detail the work they are doing to return these properties to a standard where they can be used to house residents in need. Continue reading