You can see many surprising things in Hackney

Hackney is now renowned as the most creative Borough in the whole of London, home to an arts scene like no other. The area couldn’t be any more diverse, both in terms of the people and the landscape. There are streets, canals, parks, and even a number of industrial areas celebrating the manufacturing past in the area.

A walk through the Borough will give you a great idea of the diversity. You can see plenty of incredible sights, including a few unexpected ones.

One of the things you will surely see more than once is Broadway Market. It has been held since the 1890s and was narrowly saved from closure in the mid 00s. Now it is a thriving spot every weekend, combining food, clothing and music with many other different stalls.

Most people wouldn’t expect to find a farm in the middle of Hackney. Surprisingly there is one though, complete with pigs, chickens, goats and a donkey. The Hackney City Farm is great for learning and there is a cafe next door that uses produce to make some great food.

Streets in the area are anything but boring. The street art scene reached new heights of popularity here. You can walk around and see works by a number of notable artists, including Banksy and Stik Man.

Hackney used to be an industrial centre, home to a multitude of different businesses from various industries. If you walk around the area you can see plenty of old faded signs advertising businesses. They are an interesting reminder of the past.

For such a central Borough there are also some wonderful natural sights to enjoy. Woodberry Wetlands is home to two reservoirs and a lot of wildlife. Visitors can enjoy sailing or walking through the different habitats. In addition there is a network of canals in the area so you can see greenery, wildlife, and canal boats.

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