Willesden Green was once the biggest hotspot in London

Willesden Green was transformed by the arrival of the Metropolitan Line. Towards the end of the 19th century it was the fastest growing area in the whole of London. The new faster route to the centre of the city helped businesses to grow and attracted people looking for larger homes with more space. It is these same properties that prove to be so attractive to this day, drawing families.

Although Willesden Green is home to large homes it does have some of the most affordable prices in the Borough of Brent. Neighbouring areas are more popular, seeing this demand push the values up. The affordability is good for families though and some investors are also starting to take notice.

Properties in the Mapesbury Conservation Area are particularly attractive. This was established in 1982, protecting ten streets and the Edwardian homes. These are praised as being outstanding examples of housing development from the period and are subsequently preserved to retain this value.

On the Mapesbury estate there are several strict rules in place that property owners should be aware of. Firstly many of the trees are protected. Permission must be sought before lopping or removing one. Permission is also needed if any demolition work or extensive alteration is to be done. Rules are even in place regarding visible satellite dishes.

Our team at Finefair have worked in the Borough of Brent and Willesden Green for a number of years, offering several services. We understand how attractive the homes are, particularly those in the Mapesbury Conservation Area. If you are considering an investment we can be a great help.

One service we offer is estate management in Brent. As part of this we can manage every aspect of a property and support the owners in getting the very best from their investment. Our team can tackle all of the challenges associated with managing properties on estates, even those with rules in place to preserve the area.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch. We are always pleased to offer additional information and discuss the specific requirements of each client.