Will Barking become a Mini Manhattan?

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Ambitious plans for Barking

There are plenty of suburban areas in London. Barking is just one of them but stands out because of the new plan to transform it into a mini Manhattan. The local council is thinking big, looking at a new street layout and a central park. In addition there will be high rise structures for new homes and improved facilities such as a redesign for the station.

The scale of the project alone is impressive but it is not the only thing that stands out about the proposal. Perhaps the most amazing aspect is that the plan would turn the area into a desirable destination rather than a commuter spot. This could result in a much brighter future for the town.

Riverside development

A lot of work is already ongoing in the area, particularly at Barking Riverside. Construction on new homes is progressing on former industrial land. Within the next 15 years approximately 30,000 people will be living in the area. This will put a lot of pressure on the local infrastructure and amenities. Having a mini Manhattan nearby would certainly provide these things.

A new shopping centre is part of the proposal for Barking town centre. The aim is to attract a more upscale array of brands, including retailers and restaurants. In addition there will be good opportunities for local businesses to establish themselves.


If the proposal is approved it could be a very interesting time for Barking. The investments could quickly make the area into one of the most popular hotspots in the whole of London.

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