When should you list a property for sale?

Listing a property for sale is more challenging than many people expect, especially if they want it to go as smoothly as possible. You can list at any time but if you do there is no guarantee that you will get any interest. In fact you could go months without any if you don’t time it right. How do you know when to list though?

Which month is busiest?

In 2017 the busiest month for sales was June. July and August also saw consistently high numbers, suggesting that summer is definitely the popular season. This is not surprising as it is the time when children are off school. Parents are also more likely to relocate before the new term starts.

How long do properties typically take to sell?

In order to maximise the potential for having your property on the market during the peak time of the year it needs to be listed at the right time. With this in mind it is wise to look at the average number of days properties tend to take to sell. This will differ by area so you’ll have to check for your specific location.

For most areas the ideal time to list a property for sale is March. That way it will remain listed for spring when the majority of people start their search.

Keep in mind that the most popular month for the completion of sales can also differ by area. Although June is the best month for the UK as a whole some areas peak a little later. Again take a look at the statistics for your own area.

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